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Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol [3.0.1] VST Crack + Plugin Free Download

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Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol 3.0.1 VST Crack + Working Full Version Download

Step into the realm of unparalleled creativity with Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol, a revolutionary music production tool designed to empower artists, producers, and composers.

This article explores the features and capabilities that make Komplete Kontrol an essential companion for those seeking an immersive and intuitive experience in the world of music creation.

1. Unified Workflow with NKS Integration:

  • Komplete Kontrol boasts seamless integration with the Native Kontrol Standard (NKS), unifying the workflow across a vast array of virtual instruments and effects.
  • This standardized approach streamlines the creative process, allowing users to effortlessly navigate and control their entire instrument and effect collection from a single interface.

2. Smart Play Features for Instant Inspiration:

  • Elevating the creative journey, Komplete Kontrol introduces Smart Play features.
  • These innovative tools include Scale Mapping, Chord Sets, and Arpeggiators, enabling users to explore new musical ideas effortlessly.
  • Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a beginner, Smart Play opens the door to instant inspiration and limitless sonic exploration.

3. High-Quality Fatar Keybeds:

  • Komplete Kontrol keyboards feature high-quality Fatar keybeds, delivering a responsive and expressive playing experience.
  • The precision and sensitivity of the keys ensure that every nuance of your performance is captured, making it an ideal choice for both studio production and live performances.

4. Clear View of Sounds with High-Resolution Displays:

  • The integration of high-resolution displays on Komplete Kontrol keyboards provides a clear and informative view of instrument parameters, presets, and browsing options.
  • This visual feedback enhances the user experience, allowing for intuitive navigation and real-time adjustments without the need to constantly refer to the computer screen.

5. Extensive Integration with Komplete Software:

  • As part of the Komplete ecosystem, Komplete Kontrol offers extensive integration with the vast array of virtual instruments and effects within the Komplete software suite.
  • This deep integration ensures that users can explore, tweak, and manipulate their sounds with precision, unlocking the full potential of their virtual instrument collection.

6. MIDI Controller Capabilities:

  • Beyond its role as a powerful instrument, Komplete Kontrol serves as a versatile MIDI controller.
  • Users can map the controls to their favorite third-party plugins or hardware synthesizers, expanding its functionality and making it a central hub for all their creative tools.

7. Intuitive Browser and Tag-Based Navigation:

  • Finding the perfect sound is made effortless with Komplete Kontrol’s intuitive browser and tag-based navigation system.
  • Users can quickly search, filter, and load sounds based on attributes such as instrument type, style, or mood, streamlining the workflow and fostering a more efficient creative process.

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol

What’s New?

  • Blending, mingling, and surfing with pinpoint accuracy are all possible with this combination of screens.
  • Using the Komplete Kontrol S61’s browser controls as a guide
  • Only in your group are all of your predictions accurate. Everyone in your group can predict NI tools.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10 (latest Service Pack),
  • Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 2GB RAMmacOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14 (latest update),
  • Intel Core i5, 4 GB RAM USB 2.0 or higher (cable included)
  • The graphics card which supports OpenGL 2.1 or
  • higher internet connection (for software download and activation only)

How to Crack?

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  7. Select Active from the drop-down menu.
  8. You need to restart the program.
  9. That’s it. Have fun.


In conclusion, Native Instruments Kontrol stands at the forefront of music production innovation, offering a unified and immersive experience for creators.

With its NKS integration, Smart Play features, high-quality keybeds, and extensive software integration, Komplete Kontrol empowers musicians to unleash their creativity with unparalleled control and inspiration.

As the landscape of music production evolves, Kontrol remains a beacon of innovation, inviting artists to explore new sonic horizons and redefine the possibilities of their musical expression.

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